About Us

We provide One Stop Solution To Process Your Downloaded Instagram Data.

Our story

DM Recovery is another subsidiary website of Moonking Networks. 

Recently, Instagram launched one feature where users can download their Instagram Data. However, Instagram provides data in json/html format, We’ve created this website to process everything inside  your data and to make your content easily available to you. You can use our service to see content inside your Instagram Data.

You can download your data on Instagram by accessing the app’s security settings, and requesting the data from Instagram. Once you’ve requested for the data, Instagram will send you one json/html file to your registered email address. You won’t be able to understand anything of it, until and unless you’re a tech geek. 

How Does It Work ?


Request for Download Data on Instagram. You’ll receive one  json/html to your registered email address.


Sign up on our website, Upload your downloaded data inside your account section.


You’ll be able to see messages, However to see all conversations, Complete Payment.


See your content , Scroll Everything which is available inside your data.